Refer a friend membership offer…

We hope you are all enjoying your tennis now that the summer weather has arrived. The turnout for recent events and club sessions certainly suggests we are!

In light of the warm weather and the summer now being fully underway we have a new offer we wanted to make every member aware of.

This year if an existing member refers a friend that member will receive a discount off their membership. With the discount ranging from £20-£5;

Refer a Full Senior Member – £20 discount

Refer a Retired Member – £15

Refer a Junior Member – £5

Please note the discount only applies to a new member i.e someone who was not a member of the club in either of the past two years. 

We’d also like to say a thank you to all members who have now renewed their memberships for the 2018/19 year, for those who have not yet renewed then please do this as soon as possible.

Enjoy your tennis.


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